PURE LAVENDER CANDLE (additional message around tin)

  • £8.95

Containing pure lavender essential oil, this gentle scent is light, soft, mellow and floral. Wonderfully comforting, cleansing and purifying - it helps in healing pain and soothing the heart.

Therapeutic qualities of this blend:
Calming, balancing, restorative, healing, soothing, sedative, cleansing, purifying, aids relaxation and balances emotions. Particularly good for the treatment of nervous conditions - helps with mood swings and depression, lifts anxiety and relieves stress, tension, headaches, migraines, hypertension, insomnia and can allay the effects of clinical shock.

This scent soothes the mind, emotions and spirit and is excellent around the home for promoting peace.

  • Made with soy wax
  • Burns for up to 20 hours - always trim wick to 6mm prior to relighting
  • Candle Tin dimensions: 65mm diameter / 50mm deep
  • Candle labels are inkjet printed
  • Each candle comes with a small card detailing the therapeutic qualities of the fragrance (as in the product description above)
  • Alternative design available with additional message around tin
  • Other fragrances are available
  • Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
  • Please note: This product is not handmade

      Handmade in the UK - With Love

      * DON'T FORGET *
      You can order up to  10 candles per single transaction and pay the same Small Parcel P&P as you would for one candle (based on weight & parcel dimensions, up to 2kg) so you can definitely have more than one favourite fragrance!

      We are currently not taking International orders for delivery outside of the UK.

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