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Our pretty Remembrance Seed Favours make beautiful, thoughtful mementos to gift and plant in memory and remembrance of a loved one, to mark a recent loss, a birthday, anniversary or special date, or just because.

These eco-friendly floral fabric bundles are filled with butterfly and bee friendly wildflower seeds - perfect for scattering in the garden or growing in pots to attract wildlife into your garden - and as the flowers grow, we hope they will also grow happy memories of your loved one.

“Like scattered seeds, memories bloom forever”

Tied with rustic twine, each favour has a circular card tag attached with growing instructions on the reverse and a choice of 6 messages for the front - 5 of which can be personalised and hand stamped with your loved ones name/date(s) if you wish, or left blank for you to handwrite your own words. 

Available in 8 pretty floral cotton fabrics, select one favour in the fabric of your choice or assorted mixed sets of x5 or x10 favours. Your options for message tags are: 

  • Like scattered seeds, memories bloom forever  (this one cannot be personalised)
  • A Growing Memory of ...
  • In Loving Memory of ...
  • Remembering ...
  • ... Remembered with love
  • Blank tag (to add your own words)

Our seeds contain a mixture of hardy/half hardy annuals and perennials - all perform well in most conditions:
Yarrow, Pheasant’s Eye, Red Army, Shrubby Hare’s Ear, Pot Marigold, China Aster, Safflower, Cornflower, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Dragon’s Head, California Poppy, Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath), Candytuft, Heavenly Blue, Stocks, 4 O’clock Lily, Common Poppy, Soapwort, Catchflies, Dill, Borage, Coriander, Buckwheat and Basil.

Each favour contains 5g of random mixed seeds, enough for 1 sq metre. Some seeds/flowers are quick growing and others slower growing. Growing times and flowering will be affected by soil quality, weather and watering. Some of the seeds are tiny so they are all mixed in with a spreading agent to protect them and also help create an even spread when scattering them in the ground (this will naturally compost and will not effect the soil/flower).

Sow: March (after last frost) to June  /  Bloom: June to October with heights up to 1.5m  /  Water moderately when needed (especially on hot days)  /  Current seeds - sow by end 2025.

PLEASE NOTE: All seeds are native to the UK. Due to postage/customs restrictions sending seeds via post is not prohibited to some countries from the UK. If you are wanting to send this as a gift to someone outside the UK, please check that the country you are sending into can receive this mix of seeds (listed above).

If you would like to order a larger quantity, please get in touch with us directly via the CONTACT US form in the footer of the website.  

  • Each seed favour contains 5g of seeds / Message tags are 4cm wide
  • Eco-friendly product - helping support UK butterfly and bee population
  • Instructions on how to grow are included on reverse of each tag - sow by 2025
  • Choose from fabrics and messages, add personalisation if you wish (max 15-20 characters)
  • Quote "Like scattered seeds..." - Author Unknown
  • Usually dispatched within 3-4 days

We are currently not taking International orders for shipping outside of the UK.

Handmade in the UK - With Love

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